Aropec Sessions #3 Improve your swim technique

In the third Aropec Sessions video, triathlete coach Joel Enoch of the HBC Jets puts his focus on swimming and, specifically, technique. How do you make the most of your force when in the pool? Joel offers some simple exercises to do just that…

“Technique is king swimming,” explains Joel Enoch, HBC Jets coach and Aropec ambassador, “you can be the fittest guy or girl in the world, but if you don’t have the technique to apply that force to the water correctly, you’re not going to go very quickly.”

There are some very simple exercises that swimmers of all levels can do to improve technique and, in this video, Joel demonstrates his favourites. Suitable for recreational and competitive swimmers, as well as triathletes, these drills should become part of every swimmers’ warm-up or training session.

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