Rachel Fagan Face

1st June 2016

Top 10 tips: mum-of-three/triathlete

For someone who started running to ‘get rid of the baby weight’, Rachel Fagan’s achievements are incredible. Five marathons with a top time of 3hrs 10mins and a second-place finish in the Border Triathlon Series. You can read her story here. Rachel gives us her top ten training tips…

  • 1. Follow a plan. Always have a training programme, it keeps you focused.
  • 2. Identify some key races – which ones you’re going to use for practice, which to seriously compete in.
  • 3. Try and train with others but make training about you and not them.
  • 4. Practice transitions!
  • 5. Include brick sessions every week.
  • 6. Taper for key races, so don’t go full tilt in training right up to the race day.
  • 7. Always recce the course before a race.
  • 8. Get on with the race – don't over think it.
  • 9. Walk through transitions at races – check out the racking in particular.
  • 10. Take at least one positive and one development point from each race.