Mike Goddard Face

24th May 2016

Top 10 tips: the 66-year-old CEO

Sixty-six-year-old CEO/triathlete Mike Goddard is part of the HBCJets and has competed in world championships across the world, gaining a fourth-place finish in the Auckland event last year. You can read his story here and his top ten tips below…

  • 1. Be consistent – a little frequently is better than a large volume done infrequently.
  • 2. Follow the 80/20 rule, i.e. 80% of your training should be comfortable (below 77% of max heart rate) and 20% should be in the medium to high effort zone.
  • 3. If you can afford it, use a personal coach to get bespoke training, if not join a club and use their coaching facilities.
  • 4. Recovery periods are as important as training periods, do not over train.
  • 5. Be patient, although you can make quick gains if you are starting from scratch the real gains come over several years of gradual improvement.
  • 6. Be competitive, set yourself goals, this will help motivate you.
  • 7. Be a bike fiend, the bike is the longest discipline and will give you the most gains, and some of the fitness will spill over into the run.
  • 8. If you are a weak swimmer then better technique will give you the biggest gains, use a coach to help you.
  • 9. Swim at least three times a week.
  • 10. Practise your transitions again and again, you will gain valuable time at no energy expense.