Deric Hartigan

23rd June 2016

“Swim like you’re gonna drown; ride it like you stole it and run like they are chasing you!”

When Irish television weatherman Deric Hartigan isn’t making meteorological prediction for the people of the Emerald Isle, he’s probably in the gym, in the pool, on his bike or out running. A committed triathlete, the Aropec-sponsored Hartigan is the man behind #TRI10 where 10 new athletes compete in 10 triathlons for 10 charities. Here Deric talks to Aropec about his tri life…

What made you start doing triathlon? Working in broadcast media & television can be quite challenging and demanding at times; so I needed an outlet to focus my energies and completely de-stress. I always loved swimming and the great outdoors so triathlons fitted the bill. After my first one five years ago I was hooked.

How has triathlon changed your life?Triathlons have become a huge part of my everyday life. I sea swim every Tuesday, do cardio most mornings and cycle at weekends. It’s a real lifestyle game-changer. The outdoors has become my indoors.

What is your greatest triathlon moment?Probably completing three Olympic-distance London triathlons back to back! Maybe I’ll go back for a fourth time this year!

What do you love most about triathlon?I love the build-up, the atmosphere on race-day and most of all taking part. Once I get a medal at the end of it; I’m a happy man!

How would you encourage a stranger to start triathlon? Yes of course. I set up my own team called TRI10; whereby I’ve put together a team of ten complete newcomers to undertake 10 triathlons around Ireland this summer to raise €10,000 for 10 charities. It’s a real tough challenge but I’m mentoring a great group of athletes ranging in ages from 23-50. You can find us online on Facebook & Twitter @TRI10.

What keeps you going when you hit the wall? I normally tend to think of the end line and of fortunate I am to have my health to be able to take part. Your health is definitely your wealth!

What is the biggest mistake you've made in your training? Overtrain. I think sometimes we can do too much and end up injuring yourself. I now prefer quality training over quantity.

What is your favourite motivational quote? Believe to achieve.

What is the best piece of training advice you've been given? Be consistent and incorporate high intensity intervals into my training. It helps build up your strength and stamina.

What is your favourite training fuel recipe? I like to make home-made protein energy balls that keep my energy levels up. All made from natural products and I supplement my diet with products from the USN range.

What are you top tips for triathlon training/competing? Find a reliable training partner, get a good bike and a solid pair of running shoes.

What is the best triathlon training exercise you do? Stretch! We often overlook the importance of stretching. I’ve recently taken up Pilates at Platinum Pilates in Dublin to help improve my flexibility and core strength. Also find yourself a great physiotherapist. I work with Mike Weaving in Leaf Physical Therapy and he keeps me injury free throughout the season.

Can you give us a sample training week? Normally over a seven-day period, I complete a 1-1.6KM sea swim; 3-5km running cardio per morning and 30-40km cycle per week. I up my distance as the season goes on. In between, I might have a race at the weekends. This season, I have 10 of them to complete so I’ve a pretty busy schedule.

Do you know any triathlon jokes? Swim like you’re gonna drown; ride it like you stole it and run like they are chasing you!

What is your most important item of training clothing and why? A decent wetsuit. You will spend a third of your race in the water so it’s really important to invest in professional gear. Aropec’s patented & aerodynamic range have never let me down!

Best piece of advice for choosing the right kit? Buy cheap; buy twice. If you can stretch your budget that little bit further than make it work for you. If you can’t buy now then hold until the sales to get the kit you want.

Favourite triathlete and why? I’m a huge fan of the UK’s Brown-Lee brothers and Ireland’s Kevin Thornton; both professional and highly competent athletes who are top of their games!